Friday, August 7, 2009

Love Unexpressed

The sweetest notes among the human heart-strings are dull with rust;
The sweetest chords, adjusted by the angels, are clogged with dust;
We pipe and pipe again our dreary music upon the self-same strains,
While sounds of crime, and fear, and desolation, come back in sad refrains.

On through the world we go, an army marching with listening ears,
Each longing, sighing, for the heavenly music she never hears;
Each longing, sighing, for a word of comfort, a word of tender praise,
A word of love, to cheer the endless journey of earth’s hard, busy days.

They love us, and we know it; this suffices for reason’s share.
Why should they pause to give that love expression with gentle care?
Why should they pause? But still our hearts are aching with all the gnawing pain
Of hungry love that longs to hear the music, and longs and longs in vain.

We love them, and they know it; if we falter, with fingers numb,
Among the unused strings of love’s expression, the notes are dumb.
We shrink within ourselves in voiceless sorrow, leaving the words unsaid,
And, side by side with those we love the dearest, in silence on we tread.

Thus on we tread, and thus each heart in silence its fate fulfils,
Waiting and hoping for the heavenly music beyond the distant hills.
The only difference of the love in heaven from love on earth below Is:
Here we love and know not how to tell it, and there we all shall know.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

tell me how??

tell me how can i say i love you.
when you're already loving someone.
tell me how can say i miss you
when you're already missing someone
tell me how can i say care for you
when you're already caring for someone.

Please tell me how??
Please tell me how??

I love you that ain't lie
I wish i could show you the reasons why.
But there's no enough reason to explain why
maybe that is why they call it unconditional

I wish one day i can show to you why
I wish one day i can say to you why
I wish one day i can tell you why
Why I Love You Unconditionally.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ngayong Marunong Na...

Ngayong marunong na akong sumulat ng isang tula
Bakit sayo'y parang baliwa, ni di man lang tumatak sayong gunita
Ngayong marunong na akong sumulat ng isang awitin
Bakit parang hindi ka pa rin nito kayang paibigin

Kulang pa ba ang mga katagang aking nilikha
Upang sayo'y mapadama tunay na damdamin na nadarama?
Kulang pa ba ang mga rithmo ng aking awitin
Upang ikaw makaya nitong paibigin?

Sana'y iyong sabihin ang mga dapat kong gawin
Upang sa pagbuo ng panibagong tula
ay tumatak na sayong gunita ang bawat katagang aking nilikha

Sana'y iyong sabihin ang mga dapat kong gawin
Upang sa paglapat ko ng tugtugin sa aking mga awitin
ay makaya ka na nitong paibigin

Upang akin nang muling madama ang pagibig
na minsan mo ng kinuha

Upang lubusan ko na muling maranasan ang salitang "Kasiyahan"



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