Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IT's Been A while...

hi guys... welcome back to me... hehehehe... its been a while since i've posted my last blog here.. hehehe sorry for the very long delay.. it's just i got so busy this fast few weeks and I'm having some hard time visiting my blog.. :)

well well... what are the things i can share to you?? seems nothing much really interesiting to share.. aside from me having some hard time to compose another poem cause i'm lacking on one very important part of it..
what is that??

well the answer is "inspiration"..

lately i'm having hard time finding the inspiration that i needed to compose another poem
maybe the reason is that all the time that i have focuses only on job..

as you can see on my writings all my poems is all about love.. about heartaches cause i'm a type of writer that based his poems on personal experiences.. all my poems are based on my personal experiences like falling in love, being in love, falling out love, and failing because of love.. (drama :) )

i was a total failure when it comes to love i think hehehehehe... why?? because i just think i was hehehe..

well guys that all for this time... i'll be posting my next poem as soon as i find that next inspiration that i needed.. hehehehe.. happy reading...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I know there are days you feel that your heart is broken again. Well, you know why? Because instead of moving on and walking foward, you hurt yourself by looking back... PAIN IN MY HEART...a feeling that u want to get rid of. But how could you if you are really attached to that person? What your mind dictates may not be what your heart speaks.. It may only lead to confusion. Isn't it? Sometimes, there are things that we really don't want to happen but it did. Yes, it hurts a lot but in some point, all we can do is to accept it no matter how painful it is. There is such word as "ACCEPTANCE".Many of us had experienced pain (whatever it may be) but it's really up to us how we handle these situations. Just remember these lines: A LIFE WITHOUT LOVE IS NO LIFE AT ALL. THE GREATEST THING YOU'LL EVER LEARN IS JUST TO LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURN...

"I don't want to remember, The things we used to do, All the things that remind me of you.I don't want to hear those songs, Those songs we used to sing, 'Cause I don't wanna feel the pain in my heart"

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the one I love!
All my joy goes out to you today!
Perhaps I learned, the months you were away,
Part of me moves always as you move.
You're the yearning distance can't remove,
Bringing life to reveries cold and gray;
In thoughts of you my dreams and passions play,
Rejoicing in a hope that time will prove.
Today I celebrate your day of birth,
Happy in the hour that brought you here,
Drawn by all the music of your worth,
A time for gratitude that you are near.
You are the one on Earth I hold most dear.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Masaktan ka man

Masaktan ka man ng lubusan tiyak maghihilom din yan.
Pag iyak man iyong maranasan tiyak titigil din yan.
Puso mo man ay labis na sinaktan tiyak mawawala rin yan
Pagkat Ang iyong sakit na naransan ay pansamantala lamang

Pero kung hindi mo n kaya
Wag kang susuko na lang ng basta basta
Dahil marami pang magpapahalaga sayo ng higit sa kanya
At magpapadama ng pagmamahal na sobra sobra

Kung iyo uling maranasan mga sakit na iyong pinagdaan
Tiyak kung ito'y isang pagsubok lamang
Upang lalong kang lumaban sa mga sakit na iyo pang matitikman
Siguradong ito'y paraan lamang upang ika'y masubukan
Kung hanggang san ang iyong kakayahan para lumaban
Sa pagsubok na kung tawagin ay "KABIGUAN"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I lOve You

If ever you wonder why i care for you so much
If ever you wonder why i want to see you everyday
If ever you wonder why I am always around
If ever you wonder why my shoulders are always there when you need to cry

If ever you wonder when i like to see you smile
If ever you wonder why i get mad when someone makes you cry
If ever you wonder why I never get out of your sight
If ever you wonder why i am always by your side

If ever you wonder why i am missing you so much
If ever you wonder why i care for you this much
If ever you wonder why i do things just to make you laugh
If ever you wonder why i always give you my hanky when tears drop in you eyes

ALL I wish you could wonder why i do all of this
ALL I wish you could wonder why i am making all of this
Because the reason behind all of this
Is for you to wonder that I LOVE YOU with a bliss.

No Goodbyes.....

Good Bye seems the hardest word to say, the hardest word to explain,The hardest word to express
That is why i never say good bye to those people who means a lot to me, Cause for me saying good bye means you will never see each other again, I hate saying good bye cause it is just like putting a period on a sentence that means it is the ending, for me No More Good Byes..

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Paano ba sumulat ng isang tula
Ung tipo bang tatak sa gunita
Paano bas a tulad kong hindi naman makata
Ni hindi nga ako makabuo ng isang talata
Paano ba bumuo ng isang awitin
Ung tipo bang ika’y paiibigin
Paano ba sa tulad kong walang alam
Ni pagawit nga ako’y nahihirapan
Paano ba papawiin ang pusong labis na nasaktan
Ung tipo bang hindi mo na maramdaman an sakit na iyong naranasan
Paano ba sa tulad kong labis na nagmahal lamang
Ni Hindi ko nga maiwasang maiwaglit siya sa aking isipan
Sana’y mahanap ko na rin ang mga kasagutan
Para kahit paano’y mabawasan
Ang mga katananungang naglalaro sa aking isipan
At upang akin na muling maranasan ang ibig sabihin ng salitang “KASIYAHAN”

Saturday, October 25, 2008


The Shadows of yesterday
Keeps bugging me
Keeps hunting me
Keeps coming back
I don’t know how it starts
I don’t know where it would ends
I don’t know if it would stop
I don’t know if it would ends
But I’m happy that the shadows
still bugs me
still hunts me
And still coming back
I’m happy because
Every time it hunts me
I see your beautiful smile
That every time it bugs me
I see your shimmering eyes
I’m happy because
The Shadows of yesterday
Keeps reminding me
That today and in the following days
I would still love you in that very special way.

Ever Wonder

this would be my entry here in my blog it seems that there is having some sort of epidemic here an epidemic that all of has been infected , the epidemic which we call blogging hehehehehehe..... I've just tried to post a blog here cause it keeps me wonder how or what would i feel after posting a blog... right at this moment i can't still feel it hehehehe.... but maybe a day or after i would feel it... haix... this was my first words written in my first ever blog.

i just don't know if that blog still exist....

the BLOG starts here>>>>>>>>

Its been a while since I've started my life as a blogger but in some point of my life i lost my interest in blogging i just don't know why hmmmm???..... maybe its just because I'm tired of writing(typing), sharing, reading , commenting, thinking or maybe I've never experienced the real meaning of the word blog cause that time when the blogging world is just starting all i want is for me to earn some money maybe that's the reason why in that point of my life i lost interest.. cause i never felt the true essence of the word blog.. all i want or think is the money and not the feeling of satisfaction or gratification from releasing all the problems and feelings here in blog, that is why I've decided to continue my writings here in my new blog. A new blog that all i would think is the satisfaction and gratification that a blog would give.. and not the material things that it would benefit me. So i would never ever wonder again the true essence of blogging



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