Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I know there are days you feel that your heart is broken again. Well, you know why? Because instead of moving on and walking foward, you hurt yourself by looking back... PAIN IN MY HEART...a feeling that u want to get rid of. But how could you if you are really attached to that person? What your mind dictates may not be what your heart speaks.. It may only lead to confusion. Isn't it? Sometimes, there are things that we really don't want to happen but it did. Yes, it hurts a lot but in some point, all we can do is to accept it no matter how painful it is. There is such word as "ACCEPTANCE".Many of us had experienced pain (whatever it may be) but it's really up to us how we handle these situations. Just remember these lines: A LIFE WITHOUT LOVE IS NO LIFE AT ALL. THE GREATEST THING YOU'LL EVER LEARN IS JUST TO LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURN...

"I don't want to remember, The things we used to do, All the things that remind me of you.I don't want to hear those songs, Those songs we used to sing, 'Cause I don't wanna feel the pain in my heart"


aiLee920 said...

hehe:) s'melvz, senti mode ba ngaun?! hehehe:) don't be sad... db i told you, i promised that we will see each other this NOVEMBER for the defend... hehe:) ako pa.... hehe:)

dharzZ said...

Love this post - nakakarelate ako!

justkyut said...

Well life has to go on and you need to move on. That's life!

I'll add you later, Sir. Thanks for visiting my blog and adding me in on your blog roll.. keep on posting



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