Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IT's Been A while...

hi guys... welcome back to me... hehehehe... its been a while since i've posted my last blog here.. hehehe sorry for the very long delay.. it's just i got so busy this fast few weeks and I'm having some hard time visiting my blog.. :)

well well... what are the things i can share to you?? seems nothing much really interesiting to share.. aside from me having some hard time to compose another poem cause i'm lacking on one very important part of it..
what is that??

well the answer is "inspiration"..

lately i'm having hard time finding the inspiration that i needed to compose another poem
maybe the reason is that all the time that i have focuses only on job..

as you can see on my writings all my poems is all about love.. about heartaches cause i'm a type of writer that based his poems on personal experiences.. all my poems are based on my personal experiences like falling in love, being in love, falling out love, and failing because of love.. (drama :) )

i was a total failure when it comes to love i think hehehehehe... why?? because i just think i was hehehe..

well guys that all for this time... i'll be posting my next poem as soon as i find that next inspiration that i needed.. hehehehe.. happy reading...


tuwing_umuulan said...

what a dramatic person you are
so sad.. no love life? haha

want me to give you some girls?
well if you just like. haha

aiLee920 said...

haha:) kau kz, maxado kaung busy lahat... haha:) you'll get used to writing, khet busy at walang inspiration... hahaha:) tamo ako!!!! don't wait for the next inspiration to come, it will come unexpectedly..... :D gonna mizzue all!!!!



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